Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shopping with Walgreens Coupons

My sister has been getting some great deals with coupons lately, so I thought I'd post about my deals, too.  :-)  I love Walgreens coupons.  I signed up for a few months ago and Walgreens is one of the featured stores.  So I can print a list from the website that will tell me which coupons to use, & when, to save me the most money.  I took my list & coupons to the store today.  I had to buy a few things that weren't on sale 'cause we were completely out.  It was a small shopping day, but still I saved $2.03 with WG coupons and $6.00 with manufacturer's coupons, & since I got $35.00 in rebates last month - on a Walgreens gift card - I paid for my whole shopping trip & still have some left on my card!  (If you want to sign up for let me know your email address and I'll send you a link.  I'll get free weeks for signing up friends!)

Here's another bargain.  A few weeks ago Jo & I went to TJ Maxx.  I forget now what we went to look for.  But we were wandering around through the housewares when I glanced down and saw something I've been wanting a long time -- a Calphalon skillet.  It was sitting by itself.  Then I noticed that it had a clearance tag on it.  $10.00!!!!!!  I couldn't believe it.  The original price said $139, I think.  The lid is missing & there were a few tiny scratches on it.  But it cooks great!!!  I've used it about every other day.

OK, what other deals have I gotten lately?  Oh, I also had a free shopping day last week at Sears.  They were having a clearance sale, too, and I found one shirt for $4.99 & 2 for $3.99.  When I was checking out, the cashier told me that I could get this for free if I signed up for a Sears card.  So I did... so I got three shirts for free!

I got a coupon in the mail today from Staples 'cause I turned in my used ink cartridges.  So I may go there Saturday.   I think I have about $15.00 that I have to use by the end of the month.

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onemotherslove said...

Yeah!!! I've got my first 2 Walgreens rebates entered online so I'll get a gift card, too! : ) And got another $10 catalina on my last trip!

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