Monday, February 16, 2009

Vintage Tart Pans, Candy Molds, and Cookie Cutters

Happy President's Day!!!  We're sitting home this morning listening to the rain.  No work or school.  Yay!!!  So I decided to destash a of few things out of my craft cabinet & list them in my Etsy shop.  
I've been collecting these little tart pans & candy molds for several years.  I like using them for magnets.  Here's a valentine magnet I made.  Use a strong glue (E-6000) to attach a magnet to the back and fill the front with images and other little goodies.  I think these would be fun to put the kids school photos in on the front of the fridge.  
I've also made Christmas ornaments & garlands from them.  And they're useful to keep on your desk to hold small items as your crafting.  Here's a unique one:

I'm also getting rid of some of my old cookie cutters.  Recognize the heart?  I used it for some of the Valentine biscuits.  I just have too many cookie cutters for my small house.  I thought the tree shape was pretty unique, but never used it.
We're going to get dressed now & go out and help the economy a little bit.  lol.... Kohl's is having a sale.  I need some shoes for work.  Then I'm going to try to talk the fam into going to Rubio's.  I want to try a lobster taco!


Jen**SugaredSongbird** said...

Great ideas for the tins. I love odd storage containers, these would be perfect!

Enjoy your lobster taco- what else do they put on it?

onemotherslove said...

Hey, I just started acquiring cookie cutters now that David is big enough to help... got any extras?

Grandpa said...

Did you get the lobster?

Jerry said...

Gee, the few cookie cutters I have are plastic!!


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