Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Design Team Member & What Happened on my Patio today

I've been receiving more photos from my design team.  Today's member is Tam from Barker Bell Herbs & Heirlooms.  She used the same design elements as all the team members had:  vintage pages from my paper pack, Words of Love & Love in Many Languages word circles, the Loving Couple collage sheet, my butterflies from vintage papers, blank tickets, and I also threw in an envelope, lace, and other vintage paper shapes.
She even used some of the crepe paper I wrapped the items in for this cute collage!
Make sure you go by & visit Tam's Etsy shop.  Thanks, Tam!!!
On another subject, my sister's blog inspired me to work outside today.  Her garden's going to be HUGE!  We just have a patio, but we had ginormous tomato plants last year.  I told my neighbor this morning I was planting more tomatoes and she asked if we were going to have monster tomato plants again.  I don't know.  I still don't know what I did different.

We are making some changes this year.  Last year everything was in containers.  Jordi wanted to tear up all the bricks but Glenn was afraid that would be too much, so we started with an edge.  The jasmine went into the ground in the corner.  Three tomato plants went in the other elevated area - Celebrity, Sweet 100, & a Yellow Pear.  I think they're planted too close together but I'm going to try to keep them a little more in control than last year.  lol....   Jordi saw some strawberry plants so we go those.  Haven't tried them since we lived in Illinois.  Then she scattered sweet alyssum seeds around the edges.  The one that's there in the front has been there since last year.  It grew from a seed that fell from a container plant.  The pots on the right end are mint and rosemary.  I use rosemary all the time when I cook.  Love it with roasted potatoes & chicken!  I don't use the mint but really like how it smells.  We planted lettuce in the pot to the left.  
That's all we did today.  The other side of the patio is still a mess.  But I'm really sore now so that'll have to wait.  Maybe we'll have another nice day next weekend.  


Grandpa said...

Do I hear old age creeping in? I am sore almost every day just from the minor tasks!

BarkerBell Herbs and Heirlooms said...

Thanks for such kind words about the items I created! The items you sent made it easy and definitely caused many creative sparks!

I'm jealous of all you accomplished in your garden. Here in PA I have to wait until Mid May to plant tomatoes.

Beaver said...

We have had a pot of mint that keeps spouting back up for several years now. It's unkillable... We pick it every now and then and put it in iced tea. Definitely don't let it get close to a bed or you'll never be rid of it! :-)

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