Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

We celebrated Jordy & my birthdays last night by BARTing in to the city.  Guess where we went?
Here we are on top of Macy's at The Cheesecake Factory.  This picture reminded me of Amy.  When she & Wendell met us in this summer we took their picture here & Amy wanted to make sure that Tiffany's was in the background!Mmmmmmmm.... we did eat real food, too.  Jo had pizza and Glenn & I split a meatloaf plate that had the BEST mixed veggies I've ever eaten.  He didn't get too many of them.  I wanted to save room for dessert.  The waiters sang to us & our cheesecakes were decorated.  She had chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake and I had Snickers bar cheesecake.  Yuuuuuummmmmmm.....

Then we walked around Macy's and tried on clothes.  How do you like Glenn's new look?  Jo's trying on hats in this pic.  She's wearing a new jacket that I gave her for her birthday.  (From Target, not Macy's.  :-)

She got artistic with the photography on her way home.  I liked this one.  She bought these socks at Macy's -- right before she touched $850 shoes!!!

Here's what I found on our kitchen door this morning:


onemotherslove said...

I finally got my picture loaded! Mysterious how there's hardly any photos of you here at Momma & Daddy's house. You must have taken them all... Happy birthday!

La_Tatum said...

oooo I really like Jordy's hat and socks :) :) Are you mailing me some cheesecake?

Happy Birthday Mom :) :)

Dianne said...

Happy Birthday!
Came from Artsy Mama's blog to see if you has any Autumn decor. I think you were a bit busy.
Take care.

Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

Yay, it is/was your birthday! Wow, I'd love to do exactly the same if it were my birthday...down to cheesecake and location!!!!
Happy Birthday to what seems like your whole family!!!! LOL

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