Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Glimpse of What Is To Come

Well, we're childless for the weekend.  Is this what it's going to be like when Jo goes off to college?  She told us we'll have her around for 6 more years 'cause she wants to go to DVC first, before Cal Poly.  :-)

Last night we went to Mudville Grill with Angie & Gary, who are also without kids for the weekend, then went to Awanas.  This morning we went hiking again.  We were looking for somewhere cooler so went to the Oakland hills.  Glenn was going to take me on a trail that he & his biking buddy have gone on but Skyline road was closed for construction.  So we went to Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve instead.  It was a nice hike.  We rated it about a 2 difficulty, much easier than our last hike! 

It was a slight up/down trail for most of the way, but on the side of a steep hill so straight up on one side & straight down on the other.

It followed Skyline along the top of the hill.  One side had a view of Mt. Diablo:

The other side had a view of the whole bay.  You can barely see the Golden Gate, fog was just hanging around the bridge.

We've got a long day tomorrow - choir in the morning & worship night, rehearsal starting at 4 - so I've got to go get some housework done now.


Anonymous said...

Great view! Maybe I could have done the hike after all.

Grandpa said...

Looks like a great trail.

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