Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thrift Store & Antique Show Finds

I almost forgot about these photos already.  Sunday after church, Angie & I went over to the Shadelands Antique Show for about an hour.  We found some really good buys!  I had wanted some old rusty keys and found a whole box full, also lots of cabinet cards with gorgeous frames.  
Take a look at the detail on this one, and the rhinestones on these gloves!
Then today I dropped off several boxes & bags at the thrift store.  I always go in when I do that.  Luckily I usually leave more with them than I buy.  :-)  I thought this tray was great -- "How to Preserve a Husband."  Glenn got a kick out of it.  I told Jordann I'd display it here and give it to the first daughter who gets married.  :-)

Pretty good advice, huh?  Here are the pumpkins Jo & I painted last week.  I made the tablerunner by cutting felt with my pinking shears.  The easiest thing I've made in a long time!  
Oh, our guest star must make an appearance.  She's not in a good mood, can you tell?  She wants me to open the door for her.  Then she'll go outside and stand in front of the gate & stare at it, wanting us to open it for her, too.  How'd she get so spoiled?
One last thrift store find.  I found these about a month ago.  I really wish I had taken a before shot.  They were that ugly gold, antiqued plastic that must have once hung on everyone's grandmother's walls.  They were really cheap so I bought them & spray painted them black.  They were supposed to be for one of my swap partners but me, Glenn, AND Jordann liked them so my partner will get something else -- just as good, don't worry.  It's not often that all three of us agree on a home decor item.  I just have some pumpkins stuck on them for now.

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