Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Craft Day!!!

I just dropped off Glenn at the Mitchell Canyon entrance to Mt. Diablo State Park.  There are still days when I am out driving and look around and think, "Wow... I live in a beautiful place."  It's a beautiful day out there this late afternoon, perfect temperature, and I even saw a family of wild turkeys.  

Today was a craft day over at Linda's house this time.  We were missing Angie (sorry you didn't feel well) and Roxanne, whose son was taking his driver's test today.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!  Watch out!

Here's a future crafter!  Little Izzy is only 2 but she already loves paper, crayons, & glue sticks.  And she's VERY curious!

We didn't stay too long today so I still had time to go to the PO & Walgreen's on the way home and make a thank you card when I got home.  All the artists who were included in the Somerset Holidays magazine are making thank you cards which will be put together into one big piece.  I hope I'll have a photo of the finished piece to show you later.

I took some photos of what I made at Linda's, too.  They'll be part of my next tutorial.  


Jordann said...

i wish i could go to craft day... maybe ya'll should move it to saturday?

Diane said...

Beautiful Fall Decorations wow wverything looks so fun!
Hugs, Diane

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