Thursday, September 18, 2008

BTS Night!

Jo called on her way home from school to tell me the grocery store was putting out pumpkins.  I think we'll go tomorrow.

Tonight was back-to-school night.  I got to meet all Jordann's new teachers.  It's hard to imagine how many students there are.  There are more students in her high school than in my whole town when I was growing up!  Last year she went to a school where there might have been 500 in K-8.  Now she has 500 in her Freshman class!

She also finds out what small group she's in tonight.  Glenn's bringing her home.  Hopefully I can stay awake 'til they get here.

I'm off to start a scarf -- it's striped and the first stripe is burgundy, Lauren.  Guess what color the second stripe will be?  :-)  

1 comment:

La_Tatum said...

is it yellow? I can't wait!


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