Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Wedding, The First Day of School, & Another Craft Day

A young lady from our church got married Saturday night and invited the brass & woodwind group to play for them.  The kids were really excited about it and have been practicing all summer.  They did a good job!  The wedding was outdoors at a winery in Napa Valley -- everything was beautiful!!!

SE, look at the colors of the wedding!

I don't know if the kids were expecting to get paid, but as you can tell the amount they did get paid really surprised them!
So today was the first day of school here in Northern California.  To celebrate we had another craft day, and I have one thing to say... "I love the Zutter!"  Look what I made.  
Other than figuring out how to use the Zutter we didn't make a lot.  But we did make some punches, talk a lot, and eat a lot.
This pose is for you, Lauren:
Lunch was delicious and beautiful.  Roxanne made a salad:
Angie made chicken salad:
I was going to make a pasta salad but someone in my house ate all the pasta last night.  We also had some chips, crackers, and dips, including this one made with a sweet jalapeno jelly.
We pretty much took over Angie's breakfast nook!  I'm glad I'm friends with someone who has even more paper and punches than me.  :-)
Schroeder misses you, Lauren!
Then when I got home, look what was in my mailbox!  Aren't those beautiful colors?
Jo just got back from school and she said she liked it.  She did have some kids she knew in her classes and she really likes most of her teachers & classes.  She said Spanish was a little rough - the room was hot & the teacher hard to understand.  She loved English, though.


Anonymous said...

We are still working with the Zutter
...actually Elizabeth is making a cute book. Schroeder is still resting!
Look at all that ribbon to play with...oh boy! :)
Thanks for coming over...

onemotherslove said...

Beautiful Sissy, beautiful flowers, beautiful food, beautiful ribbon!

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