Thursday, August 07, 2008

Washington, D.C. - Day 3 Photos

Another busy day in D.C.!  This is as close as we got to the White House.  To take the tour you had to request tickets two months in advance so they could do a background check on you.  We didn't request ours soon enough.  Another thing added to our next trip!

But we did make it to the American Craft Museum.

There were some really interesting pieces in this museum.  I loved this room full of Native American portraits.  Jo's taking a break:

Then back on to the Metro to go over to the Postal Museum.  That's where we sent the postcards.  Grandma, did you get yours?

We were hungry by then so we went across the street to Union Station for lunch.  We were hoping to see the trains but you had to have a ticket to get close enough.

The last stop of the day was the zoo.  Of course to see the pandas!  They were so cute!

This little panda followed us home:

I think he wants to come visit the bamboo grove down in Texas!  Jo loved the architecture in the Metro stations, too.  Here's one of them:

Got back to the hotel early that day.  Cooled off a little, went to dinner with Glenn & Matt, and then went to the worship service with them at Covenant Life Church.  Bob Kauflin was the speaker.  He has a great blog if you're interested.


Grandpa said...

Do pandas like penguins?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I got my card today!!! It now hangs on my refridg gallery!! Thanks for remembering me.

Annie said...


See that you have fun in DC. I live near to DC and here's my adventure in the big country so far


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