Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Attack of the Killer Tomato Plant & Other Things We've Been Doing

Another busy week!  My Etsy shop has been busy.  Lots of people are already buying Christmas & Halloween things.  I went to Michael's yesterday and couldn't believe how many Halloween decorations were out!  Martha Stewart has some fun kits.  Anyway, back to our week.  Saturday night we went with some friends to the Giants/Dodgers game.

Yes, we are wearing coats, sweatshirts, and scarves!!!  It's hard for this Texas girl to remember to bring a coat & scarf to a ball game here in Northern California.  :-)  We enjoyed hot coffee and garlic fries that night.

And the complete opposite on Sunday -- we had a going away picnic for Lauren at the park.  It was HOT.  (Back on our side of the hill.)  We enjoyed pizza, cake, and she even got a few gifts.  I gave her her book but I think Sarah & Becca's reaction to it was even better than L's.

See, I needed a picture of Sarah for the book and Lauren's latest pictures included Sarah's "special friend".  

And, why does this always happen?  Do you notice anything about the photos below?

I think they were sitting over by themselves solving the gas crisis and the situations in Georgia and China while we're over in our group listing to stories about how Sarah met Ben.

Tuesday -- Went grocery shopping with Jo.  She picked out dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets.  So I made them along with mashed potatoes & green beans, all her faves for dinner.  Here's what happened at the dinner table:

And, just in case you don't know us, my kids really ARE 14 and 17.

And now for the photo you've all been waiting for....  here's what my tomato plants look like now:

This is TWO plants grown in pots the size of the one you can see on the right.  I fertilized them once when I planted them and water them about every other day.  I've been eating a handful of grape tomatoes every day for the last month and an Early Girl about every other day.  BTW, the chair is there to help hold up the plants!


Grandpa said...

I think my plant produced 6 tomatoes all season!

Anonymous said...

Yea, with bird holes pecked in some!! grandma

onemotherslove said...

Looks like your neighbors will be getting some tomatoes soon! : )

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