Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sharing Fun Photos

Didn't take any photos today.  Instead I picked up some paperwork for L... Here's her BIG news:  She has a job!!!!!!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!!  We're probably as excited as she is.  And it's a dream job for her.  She started looking within walking distance, then along the bus route and couldn't find anything.  So, she'll be working at my favorite local scrapbook store, My Daughter's Wish.   They have a couple of weeks of Summer Art And Scrapbook camps and she's helping with a birthday party tomorrow.  She went in for a couple of hours yesterday and said she thought it was going to be fun. 

Then I went to J's school to help one of her teachers count & put away textbooks.  Then J & I went to Trader Joe's & the regular grocery store for supplies for the grad party this weekend and ingredients for Nana's birthday cake.  She's coming in tomorrow evening and will spend a few days with us so she can see the girls graduate.  We're gonna keep her busy.  We have 3 graduations and 3 grad parties to go to while she's here!!!  

Lauren got her formal photos today at school (her LAST day of high school, btw).  But here are a few that show her & her friend's true personalities.  :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that this picture represents my true personality :P

Sassafras & LuLu said...

Hello Ann!
I received my panels from the Birds & Bonnets Swap and one of yours was in my set. It is very lovely, I especially like the side w/the bird & saying "you make my heart sing". I like your techniques and choice of colors/layers. Thanks so very much!
I will post pics in a day or so. Come visit me some day. Nice family pictures sounds like you are busy!
Warmly, Carol

onemotherslove said...

Aren't they cute! What torture for your daughter to work at a scrapbook store... do you get a discount?!?!? : )

L, J, who's the 3rd graduation?

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