Sunday, June 08, 2008

Graduation Party !!!

So, here they are... the graduates.  Lauren graduates tomorrow and the other two graduated yesterday, but all three shared a party today.  

Here they are celebrating before everyone else got there:

I tried to take pictures of Lauren with families or individuals that have meant a lot to her during her high school years.  Here's her youth pastor and wife.  I told him to act like he liked Lauren and here's how the photo turned out.  lol...  (Angie, I think I took the photo of her with your family on YOUR camera.)

The yard is big but everyone was huddled under the trees.  It was hot.  Lots of people ended up inside playing games.  I'm not sure how many people there were.  

Christ, to the left above, and Sarah L, to the left below, are both going to college close to Lauren so they're making plans to see each other -- don't know how, none of them have a car!

Then we went over to Stephen's party.  I took one serious photo of them, then they all wanted to be wresters like Stephen.  These three will all graduate tomorrow night.  Right after this photo they started marching around the yard arm in arm singing the graduation march and announcing that they only have 25 more hours 'til they graduate.  


onemotherslove said...

I hope you were able to get some good pictures today! Love y'all & wish we could be there!!!

Christina said...

The girls in their dresses could almost be from a 1940's picture. They look lovely. And congrats to the grad.

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