Saturday, May 31, 2008

Senior Ball

Tonight is the Senior Ball!!!  It's taking place at the Exploratorium in San Francisco.  We met at the waterfall in front of the country club for pictures.  Then went over to the library to meet the limo.  I should have taken a photo of all the people that were there taking pictures of them.  Everyone's parents were there, along with several siblings.  We were quite a crowd.  And there was another group on the other side of the waterfall.

Stephen (on the very left of the first photo) and Lauren came up with a fun plan for the night.  He invited her best friend and she invited his best friend.  Two other couples joined them, too.  I'll try to include more photos of everyone in another post.  Mitch is the guy in the photo above and Elizabeth is in the photo below.  It was a masquerade theme so they all had masks.

And they're on their way!  Tune in tomorrow to see how it went.


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what a fun night they will have had

Amy P said...

I just wanted to pop in and say hi and let you know I ended up with one of your birds and bonnets panels! Love it, thank you!

Heidi ( said...


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