Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just got back from choir practice. Here's what we're singing Sunday. Hope we sound as good!

I told you a little about our opening day service and that Jon had been preaching from Nehemiah. One of the things pointed out was that they brought special offerings for that day. He mentioned that several on the pastoral staff had decided that they would bring their Economic Stimulus check for their offering and asked everyone to consider doing the same. For that one day our regular offering was $52,220, and our special gift offerings totaled $346,617! Since Sunday demolition on the Annex building has started. Construction will continue for a while!

Also, our prayers go out today for the Chapman family. Their 5yo daughter was killed in an accident yesterday.


Heidi ( said...

I love studying Nehemia. It taught me to FIRST pray, then GET TO WORK (action). Love the song, I've never heard that, I'm sure your group will sound just as good. I'm so sorry to hear of the family's child's death.

(No music practice for me tonight, we'll be at the lake.)

Dawn said...

I've been to Brooklyn Tabernacle several times...
It is even more amazing to hear the choir right there.

I have been feeling so badly for the one who was driving the the situation regarding the loss of Maria Chapman.

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