Monday, April 28, 2008

This Weekend

Last night when I went downstairs to blog, Lauren was working on her Senior project on the Mac and Glenn was answering work-related emails. I was too tired to wait for them so I didn't get anything blogged about our weekend.

Friday night we ate dinner with our 'game friends.' Gave this to Angie. I almost posted the photo Friday afternoon 'cause I didn't think she'd have time to read my blog... good thing I didn't 'cause she read my blog before we got to their house.

This altered knife was kind of an accidental project. I was wanting to decorate more spoons like I did last fall. Found some at a local thrift store along with some knives & forks. I went ahead and got all of them, not knowing what I was going to do with them. I'm going to try to list the spoons I did on Etsy tonight but I still haven't done anything with the forks. Got any ideas?

On to Saturday... Here's the BIGGEST news of the last few months. The church received permission from the city to occupy the building!!!!!! Our first Sunday will be May 18 but the offices started moving in Friday. Saturday morning we unpacked Glenn's office. One of the ladies brought us chili for lunch. Then we went to the Clayton library sale. Found a few things including The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden and Gnomes by Poortvliet. Then some other books in really bad shape that I'll probably alter in some way.

Came home for a couple of hours, then went to help cook for Jo's school fundraiser. I made salad for 250 people! Plus put together veggie trays and sliced bread. It was a full day.

Sunday the choir sang. Then Kim, Glenn's Australian cousin called and we talked for a LONG time. She hasn't seen the girls in a long time so I told her I'd blog some photos for her. Here's Lauren (in glasses) with one of the girls she babysits.

And Jordann (in green) with her friend (sister of the girl in the photo above).

They had a sleepover at our house Saturday night. Here they are ready for church Sunday morning. (Remember, I took this photo at 7 AM!) I was proud that they all got up & got ready without me nagging them.

Isn't that full-length picture colorful?!?


onemotherslove said...

They're so cute! : ) Make a silverware wind chime.

Anonymous said...

Our beautiful CA girls!!!

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