Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Catching Up

Finally have an evening at home. We're sitting around waiting for American Idol to see who got voted off this week. Our current favorite is David Archuleta. I forgot to tell you what we did the last two Saturdays. Week before last Glenn had to take his bike down to Pleasanton to get the brakes worked on. Last summer when I went with him down there I walked around downtown while he was talking bike-talk with the guys in the shop. That's when I found the antique mall with a booth full of the neatest vintage aprons I've ever seen. Unfortunately, the mall didn't open 'til 11. So I kept walking around and found a shop called American Harvest. While I was walking around I thought some of the things looked familiar. When I checked out (bought some old photos) they gave me a card with a website on it and it was the same blog that I had looked at earlier in the week! I didn't realize the shop was in Pleasanton.

Then we went over to the farmer's market and bought fresh strawberries, bread, and broccolini. I'd never tried broccolini and it was delicious! The strawberries & bread didn't make it home. We ate broccolini & roasted rosemary potatoes for dinner.

This Saturday morning we were cleaning house when Jordann asked if we could go to an estate sale we'd seen advertised. Of course. It turned out not to be a very good sale but we kept following other garage sale signs. Lauren won the shopping award for the day. If you haven't already go read her blog for Saturday.

I also didn't show you my clematis vine last week. I added another pole for it to grow on. It has lots of buds on it now.

Here's a close up of Lauren's plant that I just repotted. I knocked it over when I was cleaning & broke the pot.

And a couple of things I made last week -- a thank you card and a bird with some paper flowers around it's neck!


Grandpa said...

I expect to see photos of clematis blooms very soon now!

Heidi ( said...

Love the birdie!

onemotherslove said...

That bird is cute! Is broccolini baby broccoli?

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