Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pictures for Angie

I told Angie this morning that I played with coffee and packing tape yesterday. So here are some photos of what I made. The photo above is someone in Glenn's family. Maybe his grandparents. I'll have to ask him again. It's kind of hard to tell it's transparent. It looks more like I just printed it on patterned paper. I made this in about 10 minutes so hopefully I'll come up with something more creative next time I try it.

I also played around with a "recipe" that I found for staining with a coffee base. I'm still tweaking the recipe but it worked prettty good. I had fun with some tags and trims. And here's a photo for Grandpa!

The photo is one I scanned last summer. The frame is actually new. I bought it on my last trip to Beverly's. It's a 12x12 page of frames that can be punched out. Hmmmm... now that I look at this I think I might see a little bit of David in this face!

And the last photo is another sneak peek at Lauren's book:

Tomorrow is back to school/work for everyone. If you'd like to see photos of Tijuana and Lauren's trip to the city check out her blog.


Grandpa said...

My what big ears Grandpa has!

Sandra Evertson said...

Beautiful tags love the coffee colors!
Sandra Evertson

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