Monday, March 17, 2008

Another Album

I'm still thinking about my next album but haven't done anything. That's usually how I work. I spend more time thinking about it than actually doing it. When I finally get around to it, it won't take me long to finish. That started me thinking about one I made for a friend at Christmas. Then I realized that I never posted the photos. So here they are -- Christmas album photos on Saint Patrick's Day!

This was made for another musical family so I used some pages from an old music book that had been scribbled in. That's why there's a little purple crayon on it. The dedication fit their family so well I wanted to use it anyway.

The 2-page layout below turned out to be my favorite. We always end up laughing so hard that we cry when we're together! :-) So we have a lot of fun photos. And I just had to add Mickey Mouse ears to the photo of the kids when they went to Disneyland (by themselves!!!). Yep, that was a little hard for this mom & dad but just a little step toward next year when Lauren moves to Michigan.

I used shipping tags that I stained with coffee. I don't think I bought anything for this project. Just used what supplies I have. I could probably make a book like this for everyone I know without buying any more supplies! I have sooooooo much paper!


Alison Gibbs said...

How wponderful to be able to create something with goodies we already have.
Love it

Grandpa said...

I guess I spend a lot of time thinking about things too. That's why it is taking me so long to get my tax report done.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my little album that a very special friend made me. :)
Thanks Ann!

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