Sunday, February 10, 2008

Where We Live

We were just talking about how amazing it is that we live so close to so many things.  Lots of things to do and see around here.  Especially for people who like to get outdoors.  

Here's some news for you:  Glenn started his own blog.  He's only going to blog about mountain biking, so don't get too excited about it.  But sometimes he has some really nice pictures.  You know that he's enjoyed road riding for years.  That always makes me a little nervous, but I just pray more.  Lately he's found some friends that mountain bike.  And since we live 6 miles from the peak of Mount Diablo that's a good thing.  There are lots of trails there.  He could even ride from our house to the trails.  Anyway, one of his friends recently came into some unexpected money so he bought Glenn a new mountain bike!!!  Amazing, huh?  (Grandpa, there is a nice photo of a bridge on his first post.)

Also, our mission team has arrived in Turkey and are keeping a blog.

Now, if a few of my other friends would just start blogs I'd add links to them, too.  (You know who you are... lol)


Grandpa said...

Is the bridge secure? Looks kinda like the leaning tower of Pizza in one of the pictures!

Grandpa said...

I guess that should be spelled Pisa!

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