Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Results of our Craft Day

Roxanne gave me permission to share photos of the things she started at our first craft day.  Isn't her photography beautiful?  

The photo she used is from her own family!  We just couldn't get over how cute it was.  She emailed a copy to me so I may have to use it for something, too.  

Today was my day off and I stopped by the thrift store between errands.  I found a silver tray and some more spoons.  Back to work tomorrow.

It started raining again today.  We need it so we're trying not to complain.  My tomatoes look like they're enjoying it.

BTW -- Happy Birthday, Grandma!  Hope you enjoyed serving on the jury for your birthday!  :-(

1 comment:

onemotherslove said...

Hey, Sis, the pics aren't showing up!

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