Sunday, December 09, 2007


Here's Glenn's contribution to the cookie exchange. He came home from church last night and wanted cookies. Jo & I had just finished cooking dinner and cleaning up the kitchen and didn't offer to make any so he went into the kitchen and made some himself. I don't remember when was the last time he did that! Or if he's ever done that... with cookies anyway. He usually makes pies around the holidays. He just got the cookbook out and found a recipe that sounded good and made them. It was a recipe that I'd never heard of -- Wow Cookies. And they did make us say, "Wow!

I made this little guy yesterday, too. I found everything at thrift stores except the florist tape. Someone, I think it might have been Heidi, wanted to see my Scrabble collage so here it is along with some Christmas decorations. The collage was hanging downstairs until we painted. I moved it upstairs to the little corner table in the hall and it just never made it back downstairs. In fact, if you look closely at all the pictures taken in our house you'll see that we haven't hung ANYTHING back on the walls yet!

Notice the Santa on the upper left. Isn't that weird. I bought it because it was so unusual (and only 50c) -- I guess no one else wanted it. Now, what you've all been waiting for... sneak peeks at Christmas presents. he he he

I should take more of these. They remind me of those super close up photos we used to see in that game magazine.

Now I'm off to crochet some more.


Alison Gibbs said...

Love the scrabble collage.Cute little snowman too!
Wow Cookies look a bit yummy.

Anonymous said...

I see Elizabeth and Lauren! It is like the "I Spy" books.
You have such fun things at your house! :)

onemotherslove said...

You crocheted a hat with Christmas lights on it??? : )

Heidi ( said...

Hi Ann...yes, I did want to see your Scrabble collage! It's great, how fun! What a fun way to use the game carton, I think I've wasted some of them already! WOW...mores cookies!

leesiebella said...

Hi Ann!

Oh, thanks for showing your scrabble collage!!! I was just thinking I wanted to make something similar for my mom, so I came to your blog for inspiration! You are so good at collages, and I always love they way they look!

So, I am going to try it for myself...we'll see how it turns out! ha ha I'll let you know!

Hope you are having a nice holiday!


Grandpa said...

I like the new page format.

onemotherslove said...

What cha been doin?

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