Sunday, September 02, 2007

I Bought My Grandmother's Couch!

(NOTE added later Sunday:  My sister says she doesn't remember our grandmother's couch looking like that.  If I am remembering correctly, our grandmother's couch was a solid brown, right?  But the lines were similar -- at least I think they were.  I think it was longer, too, but maybe that's because I was smaller?  It's been a while.  Anyone else remember?  Maybe I scanned a photo of it in all those I did last time I was in TX.)

Our furniture buying spree continues! Remember I told you that our couch was hurting Glenn's back and he wanted a "new" one. We picked out many that we liked. We wanted the straight arms to save space in our small living room. So far, my favorite couch was ONLY $1695, but not a sleeper (which we also need). The girls and I went thrifting again yesterday and came up with this one. It's only 70" long AND a sleeper!
It has everything we were looking for. I wasn't too sure about the pattern but everyone says they like it so far. We'll live with it for a while and then decide if we need to recover it. It's really comfortable, no smells, very little wear, and the mattress is pretty comfy for a sleeper. We'll probably still put the air mattress on top when Nana comes to visit. Grandma & Grandpa... here's another option if you can't find a hotel.

And here's the chair I bought last week all cleaned up and in the living room. I really don't like how our end tables & coffee table look with these pieces, so I'm on the lookout for more 1950s-60s pieces!

And here's one more piece of furniture that I haven't blogged. In order to keep my crafting supplies from taking over the dining table I really needed a flat surface upstairs. This fits in the little window niche in our bedroom. You can see a few crafting supplies laying around on the floor still -- gotta work on this area a little more. Also needs a lamp. The markings on the desk say "Solid Mountain Oak, L. A. Period Furn. Mfg. Co." and "A 1961 SO 159 DESK". This was my best buy of the week! It was marked $45.00. When I brought the tag up to the cashier she said, "Oh, this is a pink tag. It's 75% off!" Woo Hoo!!! Everything I bought that day added up to $13.00!
It's supposed to be 100 degrees again today. I think we're going to head over to IKEA after church and walk around in the air conditioning! And hope that it's cooler in Oakland than here.


onemotherslove said...

huh... I don't remember Grandmama ever having a couch patterned like that! I guess the pieces match that Sputnik clock!

onemotherslove said...

BTW, I like your profile pic.... go see my new Etsy banner. I've had a request to feature my bibs, so I've got to sew some & get them listed ASAP!

onemotherslove said...

She did have a brown one with straight arms and it had little pillows sitting beside each arm to rest your head on because those arms were HARD. Then later she got a red rust colored one.

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