Saturday, September 15, 2007

Craft Night

Well, craft night didn't happen exactly like we thought it would. Jordann came home from school Friday afternoon and didn't feel well. She's been fighting a head cold all week. Not being able to breathe and being exhausted from studying so hard at school (cough, cough) combined ended her up on the couch all afternoon. I think she was in bed by 8! So, we stayed home. I got a pizza and crafted while she watched from the couch. We also watched the second movie in the Indiana Jones series.

My project for the night was for Tini's vintage banner international swap. Yvonne in Lueneburg, Germany, is my swap recipient. I'm not going to show you the one I made for her in case she visits my blog. I want it to be a surprise! Usually I end up wanting to keep what I make for swaps because I like them so much. So I made one for myself this time! LOL... (I still like the one I made for her better but I'm giving it up!)

I made a bingo card, too, just cause I love making them to use up my scraps!

Then TODAY when I opened up my mailbox I received my vintage banner swap goodies from Britta, also in Germany. She also included the cute tag with the little kissing couple. I think I'll add that to the altered book I'm going to make for Glenn! THANKS, Britta!!!

And, just so you baseball fans will know, Glenn wore his Texas Rangers t-shirt to the A's game last night. Didn't help... the A's won. Luckily, he watched the game from a box with friends so no one threw anything at him. lol... those Oakland fans do get roudy! And Jordann is feeling much better today. We're aiming for a picnic at the park tomorrow after church.


Analise said...

Hi Ann!!

OH I JUST *LOVE* your new creations! They are GREAT! I ESPECIALLY LOVE the Sugary bingo card!! Is that going in your shop??



onemotherslove said...

Cute, cute, cute! I love the little Peter Pan looking wings on the boy!

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