Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lauren called!

Lauren just called from the airport in Lima. It was so good to hear her. We haven't talked or heard from her directly since she left Atlanta, and only had 2 emails from the leaders. She said they had an amazing trip. They slept on the boat. She also told us she swam in the river, held an anaconda, and ate river rat! Just what I wanted to hear. :-)

She didn't have much time to talk and said she had so much to tell us we'd probably have to read her journal.

They'll be in Atlanta at 10:50 am Friday morning. Spend one day in debrief and be in California Saturday. Yay!!!


Grandpa said...

I want to hear a full report too!

onemotherslove said...

SHE ATE A RIVER RAT???!??!? She's going to have to publish her journal on her Peru blog! Glad she's almost home!!!

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