Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday in California

Lauren got a call yesterday from a friend whose dad ended up with extra Giants tickets. So she went to the game with them yesterday. She took a picture of the collapsed freeway on her way. They had to come back on the side streets of Oakland. They've done a lot of cleanup in a few days. I went to IKEA today and had a great view of it out of the front window while we ate meatballs! It was a beautiful day and we could also see the Golden Gate bridge!

Yes, those are gloves she's wearing. It gets cold in SF at night!

Jordann gets back tomorrow. Been a little quiet around here. Tomorrow night Lauren & her friends from Cameron Academy planned a night out. Glenn,and maybe another parent, are driving them to Pier 39. They're all going to dress up and go to a fancy restaurant... tune in Saturday for "dress-up" photos... and to hear about science camp.

Now I'm going to update the craft blog.

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