Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Morning

Saturday morning around here is pancake/waffle morning. The only morning of the week we're all at home (sometimes). Glenn & Lauren are in the kitchen right now... being very noisy. We were out of Bisquick so they're making waffles from scratch today. We were talking yesterday about all the things we wanted Lauren to know before she goes away to college. So right now I can here Glenn explaining how to measure, break eggs, etc step by step. Lauren keeps saying, "Dad, I KNOW how to cook." They're funny. Jordann played broomball last night and came in late. She didn't want us to wake her up until the waffles were done.

Want to see my patio? I think I bought this clematis last year when Momma and Daddy where here for a visit. Remember? It had a couple of blooms last year but look at it now!

Look at all the buds!

Anyone know what this one is? It came up last year between a couple of bricks. I haven't done anything to it and it's got some gorgeous flowers. Looks kind of like a foxglove.


Grandpa said...

I want to see another picture of the clematis when those buds open!

onemotherslove said...

Snapdragons? Is that picture sideways?

bellacolle said...

Yes it looks like a snapdragon or maybe in the 'sweetpea' family. How lucky to have it just sprout like that!!! Does it have a sweet smell? Hmmm...Have a nice mothers day.

Melissa E. said...

Definitely a snapdragon. Wish one would pop up at my house!

I came here from Dawn's site.

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