Monday, January 22, 2007

Tuesday Morning -- email problems

Just got another email from Glenn. He sent 2 video emails, but I didn't get either one. So he sent a short email:
Anyhow, let me update you a bit. Still about 30 children & close to 300 adults. Children are having a great time. The team is doing a great job. Grace is back [A very memorable little girl from last year.] and a few of the other kids are back,too, but lots of new ones. The adult time is going great. Worship is wonderful. Hirokyo has been a big help to me. She is very knowledgeable concerning worship songs and material and leading worship. I spoke to Rheema and her husband [This is the couple from Lebanon who wanted us to bring the Flock Worship Band to Beirut to sing in schools! They work with high school students there.] She told me about last summer during the bombings. It's really bad there, young families are leaving, students are leaving. I spoke to our Israel team [another group we met last year] and met a new couple from Kazakhstan.

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