Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's Wednesday in Turkey!

If anyone has Wayne Cerullo's email, please pass along this message. Thanks!

Anyhow, it's 6 am, the call to prayers was just announced...

Another thing, I don't know how Diane gets her way...lol...but it looks like we are going snow skiing on Friday, our day off. Rainbow Tours has arranged a trip for us...lol...this is so wild.

Our schedule takes a change today. We have been working with the children only in the mornings and evenings with the afternoon off. Actually Diane's team has, I've been busy doing and prepping worship stuff. But now we start the long days. So we will have kids from 8am-1pm and then from 3-8 pm. So we are going to try to divide up the schedule so we are all not in the room the whole day, because that would be 4 -10 hour days with the kids.

I took a picture with A and S from Lebanon...Grace's mom says hi...having lunch with Palestinians today...and Israel tomorrow. We will also be taking on 9 new children on Friday.

FOR WAYNE CERULLO:(Glenn writing this not Chris)Wayne, Chris says hi and loves you. She says thank you for the little birthday suprise. She had a great time. After dinner last night we had the kitchen bring out a chocolate cake for her and we all sang happy birthday to her. Carolyn brought out the gifts and she loved the chocolate. She was saying all day...I need chocolate...lol. Great job, Wayne! Also, Chris needs you to check her email for Cameron's history work.

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