Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hi...wanted to let you know I got to see one of the episodes of 24 -- last season here. I was suprised and it was in English with Turkish subtitles.

Did you go to Panda's after church?

Boy, I sure could used some propel or gatorade. They have nothing like that around here, nor bananas. Ive been drinking lots of water but I feel like I need something to replinish some electrolites to give me some energy. I am also eating oranges. My lunch today consisted of orange, tomatoes, lettuce, and carrots. You know I am sick to eat that...LOL When I asked for an energy bar they pointed me to the chocolate candy.

Well...this will be probably my last night to actually go to sleep here. Probably will catnap after dinner. We leave at 3 am. Will try to get some major sleep on the way to munich and also we have a 6 hour lay over in munich so I need to find another place to chill and sleep. And then some over the sea probably wake up over canada somewhere

Still having a little fever...but it broke and still kind of breaking now as I type. I am sooooo tired of feeling sick and being in my room. I only go out just for some air and play a few songs for the kids.

I learned to today at lunch that one of the girls from Yemen has the exact symptoms I do and she started the same day. So we must have gotten it from on of the other kids. I am really suprised the team has not come down with it. By the grace of God for them.

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