Saturday, November 11, 2006

Homeschool Day @ Six Flags Marine World

OK, here's the best photo from Friday. Marine World was closed to the public, only homeschoolers were there. We brought one of Lauren's friends and met several other families we knew while we were there. I rode the two biggest roller coasters... one of them twice. Jordann finally got brave enough to ride one of them, but Lauren didn't.

Oh, Lauren's wearing her Cameron Academy "homecoming" T-shirt that the girls made. They decided that since there friends were making homecoming T-shirts that they would make one up, too! It says "Tree Pride." Cameron doesn't officially have a mascot but all the paperwork has a picture of a tree on it.


ForABetterAmerica said...

Daffy and Bugs remind me... I saw a commercial of a DVD containing original, unedited Looney Tunes cartoons - like the ones they used to show on Saturday morning. SE and I have talked about wanting those classics cause the current Saturday morning lineup looks too inferior for David.

onemotherslove said...

Aw... that's a great picture! I wondered what the shirt meant.


Can't wait to see y'all!!!

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