Wednesday, August 23, 2006

We had a welcome back party for Lauren at Heather Farms Park last night.
Here are the girls having fun! Poor Cheryl's at the bottom. Sarah Lu, second from the right, left for college this morning so it was kind of a welcome back Lauren, good-bye Sarah party.

Cheryl, in the black shirt at the bottom of the pile of girls, and Dana, in the orange shirt, are twins. Dana drives Lauren's dream car! Here she is sitting in the car -- dreaming

Another group shot. That's Lauren in the middle, just in case you forgot what she looked like! :-)

So, today we went to the Salvation Army and here's what Lauren comes away looking like! OK, the leggings are new, but everything else is vintage thrift store. I think she got the shopping gene!

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joyfuljourney said...

Hey AC!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Don't ask me how I remember - it's an illness! For some strange reason, birthdays stick in my head. I can't keep up with much else, but...

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful birthday. From the looks of this blog, you may not even check it today! Blogging isn't a huge priority for you, huh?

By the way, is this 40? or was that last year? I know you graduated from HS early, so I don't remember!

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