Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Kids in Turkey

In the 7 days we were in Turkey, we spent 52 hours with these kids! That's a lot of time but we had a lot of fun with them.

This is some of our group on Friday ( the last day) when we had face painting.

This is the Bradley's daughter. She's from the US but now lives in Paris.
We had two sets of four year old twins. The blond girls are from Ajerbijan. The boy/girl pair were from Spain.
Here's a few more funny faces! :-)
A typical day started with breakfast at 7:00 am. We met for prayer at 8:15 and the kids started arriving around 8:45. Our morning schedule was similar to a Vacation Bible School, ending at 1:30. Parents picked up the kids for lunch.

Afternoon schedules were different every day. Sometimes we started again at 3:00, some days 5:00, some 6:00. Dinner was at 7:45. Some of the kids didn't make it that long and were carried upstairs to bed before dinner. A tough schedule for little ones. We fed them a lot during the day, too. Everyone's internal clocks were on different time schedules!

We'd love to go back again to this conference & see how they've grown.

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